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July 26, 2006


Hillary in KS

Oh. My.

We've sold 3 homes, and have NEVER had that happen. Nothing even close. I can tell that someone's been there because MLS printouts have been moved, or maybe a realtor has left her card. But that's it.


I'm glad you told the realtor, though, so she can keep an eye on them at other showings. Wonderful Realtor is probably reading your e-mail thinking, "Oh my goodness! We saw 4 houses today? What did the kid do to the *rest* of them!"


Wow. We took three children to see over 100 homes, and not once did anything like that transpire. Ever. Ewwww. Not all six year old boys are nasty little critters. ;-)

Well, at least you've been initiated by fire and the rest should be easy. I'd love to hear what the realtor's reply is, though! I'm sure they see a lot of weird behavior, although from what I've seen, a lot of it is on the showing home end.

We looked at some homes where we had to climb over piles of dirty laundry to see the utility room, or couldn't even see the counter for all the dirty dishes and debris stacked on them (literally couldn't tell what color the counters were!) We looked at one place where one bedroom was inaccessible because the stuff piled up in there prevented the door from opening enough to get a body through; one where a guy was passed out drunk in bed when the house was shown (they knew we were coming, but couldn't get him up, I guess); and my personal favorite, a $200,000 townhouse that reeked of filth and, erm, "organic" rot SO badly that we had to stand outside to discuss the features of the house b/c one of the boys nearly threw up.

And those weren't even the repos!

I hope the perfect family for your home arrives soon. Don't lose your sense of humor (or the Lysol) in the meantime!




We took our kids to ALL the houses we were considering. And there were almost always 2 realtors there - ours and the sellers'. If it's an open house, there are people milling all over the place & there's no way you could use a bathroom because at all times someone is standing around in it. In private showings, the lookie-loo family is supposed to stick together and the realtor sticks with them - it's to prevent this kind of damage & also theft.....


Um, no. Never had anything remotely like that happen, that I can remember, and I've shown homes, and *seen* homes, all with children in tow.

Wow. That's all I can say,


No, dear. A thing that ewwwwwwwwww strange could only happen to you. But please do tell us about a reply. We're all interested to know what your realtor says.

And yes, I've taken children with me to look at houses, and if the house is not completely devoid of furniture and personal items I do not let them leave my sight. And a consciencious realtor should make sure everything is fine before leaving, especially when towing around a brat!


On second thought, at least they were in your house looking at it for more than 1 minute, which happened to us more times than not.


Good point that the mom was actually looking at the house. I have to say that I took Max along with me on showings because he is normally very good company on these things. But he always stuck close.

Not for the PA house though. Without Honda paying for the extra plane ticket it was a one-woman show. Which is good really since the Realtor could barely keep up with me.

Jo's Boys

Yes, you are right you guys... they actually stayed for about 20 minutes in the house.

Whether it was because it took the kid that long to do his business or not is anyone's guess....


Thanks for cheering me up, you guys.

And Dy, EW!!! Going into a house with a passed out drunk guy?!?!?! That is just the way nastiest thing EVER!!


Elizabeth Hagans

Seriously... bad parenting if you ask me.

I've taken my three kids with me on extensive house hunting trips and they know they're not supposed to touch ANYTHING.

One realtor even commented on how good my kids were and the next time she took me to a house she brought candy for my kids.

Oh, and the craziest thing that happened to me during a house showing was finding someone in bed in one of the rooms. We rang the doorbell several times because it looked like someone was home, but no one answered. Most of the house was in top shape but this one room was a bit messy, and I looked down and there was bright red, curly hair on a pillow peeking out from under a thick comforter. I tried to get the kids out of the room quickly, as I could tell the occupant wanted privacy. Judging by the evidence, it was either a college kid home for a few days, or a high-schooler skipping for the day.


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