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    All butterfly photos were taken my the front yard's butterfly garden.

    Florida is a fabulous state for butterflies! In my butterfly garden you will daily see Cloudless Sulphur, Zebra Longwing (the official Florida State Butterfly), White Peacock, Gulf Fritillary, Monarch, Queen, Eastern Black Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, and Giant Swallowtail butterflies... and some spring/summer/fall days you may see all of them!

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July 24, 2006


Under the Sky

I think you are supposed to be in awe of the large garage space. I take it you are NOT. :+)

I would not be either!

Love you!

Jo's Boys

Ya cause how can you know for sure and certain that they would take all of their CRAPOLA with them when they left?!?!?! Yikesaroni....


That wouldn't put me off at all. What I'm seeing is a poorly staged place, which is therefore not going to get tons of interest. You can get a great deal this way; look at the location and the 'bones' of the house. Those are not fixable. But decor, and clutter - extremely cheap & easy to fix. The houses I shied away from were the ones that had been already "done" - the updated kitchen, the staged living room with the oh so funky paint & accessories & new hardwood floor etc etc. The price goes up very quickly for these little dressed up houses but IMO, it's just not worth it.....

That's how we ended up with a house painted baby pooh yellow with toddler pooh brown trim & the variety of switchplates & other decor disasters. But it's beautifully situated, and has lovely, unique bones under all that crap. And I can fix all that stuff but it would be pretty hard to do anything about a boring rectangle of a house sitting on a boring rectangle of a lot in a boring part of town..... kwim?

Jo's Boys

Hey Hornblower!!

I totally understand what you are saying and it is very wise. Paying top dollar for the pristine house with everything updated can be the most expensive choice.

The houses that I choose to post pictures of have multiple things wrong with them that would take them out of the running for me. I'm pretty much using this as a funny post topic. :) I just think it's hilarious that a realtor would allow such an unbecoming picture up on a property's website. 99% of the people who look at this picture are going to say UGH!!!!! I think when a realtor allows a picture up on a website, it needs to draw buyers to it, not repulse them! :)

But your point is well taken on the beautiful decor means top dollar argument. I will not shy away from houses that need some updating but are situated well with good potential.


Oh yeah, I know what you're saying. And they are funny. We were working with a realtor to buy as well as for the sale & you get access to a different computer system than the public one, and I'm still getting all the updates. Just recently, a new listing came with a photo of the outside of the double garage, shot from below, so it pretty much fills the frame. That's it. No other pictures. You can't see the rest of the house or the lot or anything. Just big garage doors. And they're not even NICE garage doors.

But I'd call that category "realtors I definitely won't hire" .....

Good luck searching!


Well we must fall in the 1% because that space alone would move the house to the top of the list. I don't see the junk at all. I see work surfaces, a massive garage, a partially finished space that is already wired for light and looks to already have adequare electrical wiring for a full-blown workshop, etc.

I get what you mean about it looking cluttered and stuff, but if "huge garage, partially or fully finished a plus" is in the top five of your list (as it was in ours--although he didn't get that in the end) then that photo is enough.

Not that it matters since I'm never, ever, ever moving again.

Jo's Boys

This is so interesting!! Every time I post a picture that just totally turns me off, I am humbled by the wiser ladies who instruct me on the finer points of what I have missed!!

Yes, AK, I can TOTALLY understand why this garage space would be big on your list of things to have!! Isn't it interesting what some value (we would have no use at ALL for that space and wiring and all I see is clutter when I look at that photo) others overlook.

I think from now on I'm going to post photos that are unappealing to me and say "Okay, Ladies! Educate me on why I would want this one!!"



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