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    All butterfly photos were taken my the front yard's butterfly garden.

    Florida is a fabulous state for butterflies! In my butterfly garden you will daily see Cloudless Sulphur, Zebra Longwing (the official Florida State Butterfly), White Peacock, Gulf Fritillary, Monarch, Queen, Eastern Black Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, and Giant Swallowtail butterflies... and some spring/summer/fall days you may see all of them!

    Enjoy the photos, but please remember that all are Copyright 2006 by the blog owner. Use is prohibited except for express permission.

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September 29, 2007



this was *so* interesting to me. and i am where you are. i finally lost the 15 pounds i had gained over the last two years and now i am trying to figure out how to maintain. i would also like to exercise -- i get on kicks, but then i'm always toooooooo tired.

your soup looked excellent. and i cannot imagine what you would look like after losing so much weight. good golly, you were small enough when i saw you. you must look like a piece of Christmas tree tinsel now.

Under the Sky

Yes, you must look like a piece of Christmas tree tinsel now. LOL I love that analogy.

So, this was all very interesting. I want to ask - do you drink tea or just gobs and gobs of water all day? I am thinking of totally phasing out coffee, but I still like something hot and sweet in the AM - do you?

Miss you, my friend.


Under the Sky

Oh, can you give the recipe for the soup?

That looks really good.

Love you!


Hey, I enjoyed reading about your journey through weight loss. I'm on a diet now eating only veggies, 2 shakes, 6-7oz of meat and 80oz of water a day. my friend did this and lost 15lbs in 2 weeks, he has been on the diet for a lil over a month and has lost 34lbs. I've been trying really hard to follow what he did but I hate hate hate vegetables. If it was an all fruit diet then it would be easy cuz i love every fruit but he told me on this diet you can have fruit bc of the natural sugars. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the veggies more tasteful. Like you had said before on how you didnt really know how to make the veggies and what all is out there, I'm the same way. The only veggies i enjoy eating are black eyed peas, lima beans, corn, and i just loooove salads! But I'm getting tired of eating just those vegetables, do you have advice that could help me through this process?


Hi..I guess you wud find it difficult to manage the maintenance mode. The reason being you have gained your results through a drastic lifestyle. Good luck with that. Would love to be updated on it.
The bowl of salad kept in the fridge erodes the quality of food. I cant tell you how important it is to have freshly cooked food. And freshness goes for a toss once you put the food in the fridge.You should be noting other things too apart from just the pounds and cholesterol. Your energy levels at different times of the day, reduction in any existing allergies, level of fatigue at different times of day, quality of sleep, balance or change in moods,change in quality of relationship with others, etc are all parameters that are important.

Hope the others who are getting on to dieting have awareness about the parameters associated with health. Overweight or obesity is definitely a sign of health being out of balance. However, it is usually accompanied by other problems too, usually specific to the individual. Losing sight of those problems for mere weight loss can be a issue later on..

Hope all you guys who are dieting are actually enjoying the journey of dieting. Most of the comments seem to reflect the stress felt during this journey. You can make your weightloss process a far more enjoyable and beneficial journey if you understand the role, food plays in your body. would be glad to help if there are any takers.

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